You’ll need a Windows computer with a USB port. This is because Oculus GO or Quest (or other Android based) headsets can’t sideload apps independently.


Step 1: Enable Developer Mode

Go to on your PC and create an ‘organization’ using the same account as you are signed in as on your headset.

Restart the Oculus device.

You should now see 'Developer Mode' in the Settings tab on your headset, or from the Oculus mobile app.


Step 2: Install The Drivers

Download the driver from

Extract the zip file into a folder. Right click on android_winusb.inf and click Install.


Step 3: Install adb

Download ADB. This allows you to connect and pair to Android devices via USB.

Extract to: C:\ADB.


Step 4: Pair Device

Connect the headset to your PC via USB.

From the headset, Allow to pair with your PC.

Right-click on the Windows Start button at the bottom left of your screen and click Command Prompt (Administrator).

Type the following:

adb install -r C:\Users\username\Desktop\MyApp.apk

Pro tip: You can copy the full path from the properties of the apk file,
and then paste the full path by right-clicking into the Command Prompt window.


Step 5: Load the installed APK

From the Headset you will see a Library called Unknown Sources.

From there you will find the name of the newly installed APK app.


Useful Extras:

From the Command Prompt:

See a list of installed apps using:

adb shell pm list packages -3

Uninstall an app using its full package name as per shown in the list.

adb uninstall