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You may be seeking to apply immersive game-changing technology to your mission. Immerse Labs not only aim deliver spectacular solutions, but to unveil what possibilities exist in the exciting space of mixed reality, real-time simulation and virtual training.

We strive to develop engaging experiences that immerse, and that facilitate our client to gain a competitive edge to their mission.

Often clients may not be able to easily take their physical range of products to their potential customers. We are able to simulate their products to a high degree of replication.

Beyond for training and simulation, we consult on a wide arrange of surrounding 3D technology, including prototyping, gaming, R&D, that can be applied to a wide range of industry.


Using VR has allowed us to replace a lorry load of boilers at conferences and sales pitches.

The offsite training capabilities also give us an edge on our competitors.

VR Boiler Maintenance Simulation

National Nuclear Laboratory approached us to develop simulators to assist with training operators of various machinery.

This has allowed them to implement low maintenance and low risk training solutions to their nuclear decommissioning projects.

National Nuclear Laboratory